And here are some more samples  

This series of slate tiles were done for some friends of mine  who wanted something more than just a plain concrete wall in their back garden, They wanted a south western motif and we came up with an assortment of very south western  style art . Unfortunately they sold their house but didn’t want to displace the slate tiles, so they were sold as part of the outside décor which was warmly accepted by the new owners.

To the left is the initial art work that my customer had for me to work from to etch their family crest onto the front glass panel of their beautiful new wine cooler.  From that image, I was able to produce the final art work to create a one-of-a-kind glass etched wine cooler, which I know becomes a great conversation piece in their house. The final  work to the right. And it kept the wine cool as well.

These glasses were donated for a charity affair to Southwest Bicycles Cycling Club  - obviously we needed to have a cycling motif for the glasses’ They were well accepted and helped raise money for the charity.