A beer growler for a customer for a  northern  Arizona biking group

What I do

 The two basic etching methods are 2D (surface) or 3D (depth carving).  On-site etching can only produce 2D (two dimension) surface etching. The 3D, shading or glue chipping processes are done in my studio. Glue chipping is a special process where the end result creates a feather like appearance on the glass and can never be replicated. Size is not a problem. Please call me and we can talk  about your special glass etching project.

 Muscular  Dystrophy Association through Di Sciacca Glass in Chandler Arizona

This etching of the customer’s family crest turned out so well, I wanted to keep the wine cooler for myself, or was it that I had some bottles of wine that would have chilled so perfectly in there ??

 Hospice of the Valley, Sherman Home did such a wonderful job looking after my Father-in-law, that this was the least I could give them in return

North Scottsdale on-suite bathroom

 I am particularly fond of this piece produced for a  customer who knew her glass etching, and  wanted a piece to give her the privacy without  cutting out the light. This sits over their master  en-suite bathroom, and is a reverse etching of  the Palo Verde tree that sits right outside the  bathroom. In this manner, I was able to provide  the privacy, because most of the glass was  etched, but also provide the illusion of the tree  that stood outside. We worked back and forth with  the artwork to get just the right number of  branches that the customer wanted, before  putting it to glass. the icing on the cake was  being able to see my first wild Gila monster.